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Custom made options can take shape from simple architectural designs to be transformed into high aesthetic constructions based on wood

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The courier company or the transport company that will undertake the delivery of the goods you ordered from our online store is responsible for the delivery of your order. You will be picked up on the sidewalk and you are responsible for checking the products you receive. You must, in the presence of the employee of the transport company or the courier company, open the product packaging and check the integrity, condition and "appearance" of your products. If you find bumps or broken parts of the product, you should NOT pick it up immediately, you should let us know. After receiving the products from you, and your signature, on the corresponding delivery document, from the transport company or the courier company or our company and the website is NOT responsible for any damages or damages that may occur in the product. The transport of the tested product (unpacked) from the sidewalk to a floor, or other place, for any damage or deterioration, will be borne exclusively by the customer.