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Complete Children's Rooms

Complete Children's Rooms
Children's room Athena No2 Children's room Athena No2
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
ATHENS is one of the functional, in terms of space, children's rooms, which can serve the issue of storage and sleep, at least two people.It consists of a wide & narrow library, designed with shelves & doors, a shelf at 2.00m and a sliding sofa. Made in MDF-BEECH wood, while upon request als..
1,762.29€ 2,074.00€
Ex Tax:1,421.20€
Children's room Athina No2
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
The children's room ATHENS, consists of a wide & narrow library, designed withshelves & doors, shelf at 2.00m and sliding sofa.Made of MDF-BEECH wood1) The price of the bed does not include a one-piece insole 2) In the above set, the mattress was not includeddimensions DIM..
1,762.90€ 2,074.00€
Ex Tax:1,421.69€
Children's room Katerina No1 Children's room Katerina No1
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
The children's room Katerina No1 consists of a bed, nightstand, desk, toilet and a composition of shelves with or without door. Each piece is independent, and based on the dimension of the room, can be adapted to a separate composition. Produced mdf-OAK & mdf-BEECH.DIMENSIONSSingle bedBedside ta..
2,083.35€ 2,451.00€
Ex Tax:1,680.12€
Children's room Katerina No2
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
Bookcase, shelf, desk & shelf with door, compose a space, ready to meet every need of a child or teenager, for study, storage, isolation, but also & expression. High quality construction, always, with the lowest possible cost in the category of MDF-OAK or BEECH. Available in a wide variety o..
1,390.59€ 1,635.99€
Ex Tax:1,121.45€
Children's room Kos No1
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
The children's room KOS No1 includes a single bed with matching bedside table, chest of drawers, desk, as well as a composition in the dimension of 2.25m with 2 wide bookcases & 1 door. Its construction is in mdf-BEECH wood. dimensionsSingle bed 200 X 080 X 098Chest of drawers with 5 drawers 045..
2,564.45€ 3,016.99€
Ex Tax:2,068.10€
Children's room Kos No5
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
Complete composition of a children's room, consisting of a bed with in single dimension, shelves ; decorative corners, shelf ;Libraries with storage space, in MDF-BEECH wood.Large variety of colors.Dimensions :Decorative bookcase 021x039x180, 021x180x039Single bed 098x200x080 200x080x098Pendant shel..
1,636.23€ 1,924.99€
Ex Tax:1,319.54€
Children's room Lino Children's room Lino
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
The LINO children's room is made of mdf-BEECH wooddimensionsDecorative bookcase 025x039x180Hanging shelf 175x040x030Single bed 098x197x075Library with 1 door & 2 drawers 045x039x180Desk with chest of drawers 120x060x075Chest of drawers with 6 drawers 110x090x090 ..
1,907.39€ 2,243.99€
Ex Tax:1,538.22€
Children's room Thekla
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
The Thekla Romantic Kids Room includes a sofa bed and a matching secretary desk. Its construction is in combination mdf / OAK, mdf / BEECH and mdf.DIMENSIONS Sofa bed 089 X 197X 085 Secretary's office 090 X 050 X 099NOTES 1) The above set includes the one-piece bottom of the bed...
1,296.24€ 1,524.99€
Ex Tax:1,045.36€
Kos children's room with sofa
-15 % Διαθέσιμο εντός 40 ημερών
Kos children's room with sofa, made in mdf / BEACH and consists of closet, shelf 2.00 with cabinets and shelves, narrow bookcase, decorative shelf and sofa bed with sliding mechanism.dimensionsBookcase with 2 shelves,2 drawers and 1 door 045x037x180Decorative bookcase 021x039x180 Sofa bed..
2,158.15€ 2,539.00€
Ex Tax:1,740.44€
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