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Complete Children's Rooms

Complete Children's Rooms
Children's room Athena No2 Children's room Athena No2
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ATHENS is one of the functional, in terms of space, children's rooms, which can serve the issue of storage and sleep, at least two people.It consists of a wide & narrow library, designed with shelves & doors, a shelf at 2.00m and a sliding sofa. Made in MDF-BEECH wood, while upon request als..
1,762.29€ 2,074.00€
Ex Tax:1,421.20€
Children's room Athina No2
-15 % Pre-Order
The children's room ATHENS, consists of a wide & narrow library, designed withshelves & doors, shelf at 2.00m and sliding sofa.Made of MDF-BEECH wood1) The price of the bed does not include a one-piece insole 2) In the above set, the mattress was not includeddimensions DIM..
1,762.90€ 2,074.00€
Ex Tax:1,421.69€
Children's room Katerina No1 Children's room Katerina No1
-15 % Pre-Order
The children's room Katerina No1 consists of a bed, nightstand, desk, toilet and a composition of shelves with or without door. Each piece is independent, and based on the dimension of the room, can be adapted to a separate composition. Produced mdf-OAK & mdf-BEECH.DIMENSIONSSingle bedBedside ta..
2,083.35€ 2,451.00€
Ex Tax:1,680.12€
Children's room Katerina No2
-15 % Pre-Order
Bookcase, shelf, desk & shelf with door, compose a space, ready to meet every need of a child or teenager, for study, storage, isolation, but also & expression. High quality construction, always, with the lowest possible cost in the category of MDF-OAK or BEECH. Available in a wide variety o..
1,390.59€ 1,635.99€
Ex Tax:1,121.45€
Children's room Kos No1
-15 % Pre-Order
The children's room KOS No1 includes a single bed with matching bedside table, chest of drawers, desk, as well as a composition in the dimension of 2.25m with 2 wide bookcases & 1 door. Its construction is in mdf-BEECH wood. dimensionsSingle bed 200 X 080 X 098Chest of drawers with 5 drawers 045..
2,564.45€ 3,016.99€
Ex Tax:2,068.10€
Children's room Kos No5
-15 % Pre-Order
Complete composition of a children's room, consisting of a bed with in single dimension, shelves ; decorative corners, shelf ;Libraries with storage space, in MDF-BEECH wood.Large variety of colors.Dimensions :Decorative bookcase 021x039x180, 021x180x039Single bed 098x200x080 200x080x098Pendant shel..
1,636.23€ 1,924.99€
Ex Tax:1,319.54€
Children's room Lino Children's room Lino
-15 % Pre-Order
The LINO children's room is made of mdf-BEECH wooddimensionsDecorative bookcase 025x039x180Hanging shelf 175x040x030Single bed 098x197x075Library with 1 door & 2 drawers 045x039x180Desk with chest of drawers 120x060x075Chest of drawers with 6 drawers 110x090x090 ..
1,907.39€ 2,243.99€
Ex Tax:1,538.22€
Children's room Thekla
-15 % Pre-Order
The Thekla Romantic Kids Room includes a sofa bed and a matching secretary desk. Its construction is in combination mdf / OAK, mdf / BEECH and mdf.DIMENSIONS Sofa bed 089 X 197X 085 Secretary's office 090 X 050 X 099NOTES 1) The above set includes the one-piece bottom of the bed...
1,296.24€ 1,524.99€
Ex Tax:1,045.36€
Kos children's room with sofa
-15 % Pre-Order
Kos children's room with sofa, made in mdf / BEACH and consists of closet, shelf 2.00 with cabinets and shelves, narrow bookcase, decorative shelf and sofa bed with sliding mechanism.dimensionsBookcase with 2 shelves,2 drawers and 1 door 045x037x180Decorative bookcase 021x039x180 Sofa bed..
2,158.15€ 2,539.00€
Ex Tax:1,740.44€
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