Useful tips for furniture cleaning

A wooden furniture is like man. He lives and breathes.

So we have to we respect it during its life, to take care of it and to clean it in the best way, offering the care that will prolong his life.

We choose to clean it correctly and at regular intervals, thus preventing wear and tear.

To clean wooden and lacquered doors it is best not to use any kind detergent, because it may contain various substances, not friendly to them ξύλα.

It is also common practice to clean the dust using cleaners for furniture, but those that contain silicone will penetrate the varnish layer and will reach the wood, making it impossible to apply new varnish, if needed. So it would be good, yes avoid and choose simpler and more natural ways, such as for example plain lukewarm water or its combination with green soap, vinegar κ.α.

The liquid green soap and very good, soft sponge (vetex), is the best cleaning combination of wooden furniture, while in the end, we always finish with a dry cloth (soft in texture) to remove moisture from furniture.